Chor Boogie at The Cubes




Why does a place get into your blood?  For many it is a connection to the land where they were born.  For others it is a connection to the people.  For me it is generally neither..  When my eyes first saw Santa Fe I didn’t know a soul,  but I knew in that initial glance that it was home.  It took me almost 20 years after that first beguiling encounter to make it my home…. but I knew.. I always knew.

With New York City it is different.. it isn’t the land (one island is generally as good as the next) it isn’t the people,  although the scope and diversity of the population  play into the equation.  It is NY’s uncanny ability to deal with my ADHD…”look squirrel” comes at ease in a city where the squirrels number in the millions and they aren’t limited to just the fuzzy tailed rats.

Every day in NY there is possibility.. the possibility of seeing something you have never seen before.. the possibility of light, color and magic…

So what does this have to do with Chor Boogie at The Cubes?  Magic…  You don’t have to be searching for NY to find you… You can just be walking down the street and be at the right place and the right moment,  have a nice security guard notice you pressing your face against a window, and instructing your entourage (generally the dragged along family) to stand in specific places to block shadow and glare,  and invite you into a private world of creation.  I had this luck.. But is it luck?  Maybe it is just NY recognizing my need to constantly chase the next squirrel…either way NY has a knack of always knowing..


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