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Giddy fan girl stuff?  Yep,  that is me,  the giddy fan girl.  I love street art,  I love the adventure of the hunt,  the thrill of finding a new piece.  I love recognizing an artist’s work and following their evolution through the artform.  I love the colors, the words, the graphics and  the deep meaning behind some pieces.. or the lack of meaning and pure joy at just being there in others.  I have really loved watching the art come into its own and enter our mainstream consciousness.  The growing pains have not been easy as witnessed in the whitewashing of 5 pointz (a topic of another day).. but the medium has grown and evolved.

Giddy fan girl you say… getting there,  I promise.

What was once looked at as pure vandalism and hooliganism is now sought after and respected by many.  Artists such as Meres One are working on paid commissions for pieces that will reach millions of eyes. Their voice being heard in the mainstream.  Stumbling on to their work in the street is one thing, watching them work quite another.  I am in awe of the talent,  their ability to reach the masses, to be seen,  because as artists on any level, isn’t that what we all want?  I stand in the shadows and photograph afraid to approach them because what do I have to add?  “Hey,  I like your work”  … who doesn’t?  And what is supposed to come out as “Hey, I like your work” more often than not is stumbled, mumbled gibberish and gush because I feel ten again ….  with David Cassidy standing right in front of me.  

So giddy fan girl took these shots back in December when Meres One was commissioned to do a wall for Rag and Bone in Soho…  I mumbled “hey, I like your work” in passing,  but lingered much longer watching in awe….

I am a talent junkie,  I need your fix,  keep creating!!

fangirl out 

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