bushwick bound

Welcome to a world of adventure brought to you by the MTA.  Every NYer will tell you there are those certain weekends throughout the year that take on a whole new meaning.  Getting from point A to point B becomes an exercise in patience and futility.  And when you finally reach your intended destination you feel like someone should hand you a metal, a warming blanket and a nice hot shower with lysol.  


So of course, yesterday I had to go to Bushwick, it would be an adventure, we will learn how to outwit the MTA …yeah I had all those thoughts.  You can stop laughing now.

We started with a walk to Queens Plaza, several subway stations later and with the kindness of a booth worker we made it to Bushwick.




Knickerbocker Avenue was bustling and full of wonderful smells, colors and sounds. A Saturday afternoon with a break in the horrible weather brings the crowds.  We live in small spaces in NYC. The need to expand the area around us gets increasingly urgent as the winter drones on, especially this winter.  The street was humming and Knickerbocker definitely has its own rhythm. 



 My mission was to walk north, far enough to hit the industrial area where the Bushwick Collective reigns.





I have a feeling we are coming closer…



yes definitely almost there

to be continued….



  1. Ha, you certainly have a way of hitting all my old neighborhoods! Spent some of my childhood in Bushwick, we lived on Menahan off between Knickerbocker and Myrtle and I went to school to PS 116 on the corner of Knickerbocker.

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