bushwick bound part II

The Bushwick Collective has grown by leaps and bounds in a very short time.  It was born out of one man’s attempt to find something to replace the graffiti he was constantly forced to cover on his family business. It has become a thriving street art gallery with painters coming from all over the world to transform its many walls.  

Street art is here to stay,  it has entered our mainstream lives just like rock music and blue jeans.  It is nice seeing it embraced to make a positive change in a community.  Greedy landowners, take notice…  5pointz will come back to haunt you.


a family business.. a twenty-first century canvas



A street artist must be willing to allow their work to fall prey to the elements, to become something different than sometimes intended and they must be willing to allow others to collaborate on their creations.  Because of this many pieces become their best selves as they fall victim to time. 



When I photograph street art I always hope I do it justice.  I never want to steal their work but to  show it through another’s eyes and preserve it in time. At some point everyone should experience it in person.   The size and scale of some pieces add to the overall experience and are often an important element in the message the artist is trying to convey.  







Every street promises a new discovery.  Since we visited last year so many more new pieces have appeared.  And still more to see on our walk so,  as with last time, 

to be continued…



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