too many zooz

New York isn’t just about colors and light,  it is also about sounds.  Sometimes those sounds start deep below the ground and you just know they won’t be down there for long because they are meant to soar.




Today was a big day for this trio of guys.  For a while today this group,  Too Many Zooz, made it to the front page of reddit.  That is big stuff,  but for these guys it is only the beginning.




Heard them a few months ago down in Union Square and knew they were special.  Like so many other buskers the drumbeat catches you first.  It grabs you.  It grabs you and makes you pause just long enough. Just long enough soon turns into as much time as possible when you are hit with the rhythm and the sheer virtuosity of the baritone sax.  I am not sure the instrument has ever been played as well before.   That is not meant to trivialize the trumpet. That boy is good, like dazed and giddy good.  What happens when you put three musicians at the top of their game together,  TOO MANY ZOOZ.

As much as I want to share them with the world it has been kind of nice thinking of them as a secret treasure.   But those days are fast coming to an end as well they should.  Talent like this doesn’t come along very often.



So if you are around Union Square take the time to do down.. down below and see if Too Many Zooz is around.  If you can’t make it to NY… check them out here you won’t be sorry


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