a trip down the lane… in pairs

One of my earlier posts was a trip down the lane. Captures of individuals going about their business in their own unique ways.   I have decided it to make it a regular series as I am always collecting random shots of the people who catch my attention along the way.

Today a trip down the lane is dedicated to those that travel in couples and pairs.   At times their style combines to make a single statement and at others it is much more of a clash of wills.  I always wonder,  do personal styles have to somehow mesh in order to form a lasting relationship?  




Gotta love those happy feet!



I stalked this Tiger.  I caught just a glimpse through the grassy legs of the crowd. I sped ahead, angling and jostling for position at a corner where I could get a clear shot.  Imagine my shock and sheer awe at the realization it was a male of the species!  Urban hunting and take-down at its finest.



Loyalty and dedication to friendship should be admired and even celebrated!



How long has their style been similar?  How long have they walked in each other’s shoes as a couple?  So many questions, always so many questions.  I think that is one of the things that keeps me going back out on the street.  Keeps me walking mile after mile, seeking out the new, different and interesting,  even if it ends up being the everyday, comfortable and slightly worn.



Where will they be in twenty years?  Will they still be color coordinating their lives as a couple?  Will they even still be a couple?  Or will her love of cats manifest as the caricature we all know so well,  that of the lonely elderly woman surrounded by her feline army.  An army ready to do war with the outside world and the heartbreaks of the past.



So for today I will leave you here, and with another question.  

What’s to do with two – when two become three?


One comment

  1. Fantastic group of shots. You do have the eye – and the will to track down your subjects. Your commentary is as interesting as your images.

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