we should all be tourists…

The nice thing about going back and forth between places is that I can treat each place like a new adventure.  Many times our lives keep us from seeing what is right under our feet.

As NYers we take pride in our jadedness,  we revel in the mystique of being NYers,  too busy running the world to take time to play in our backyard.  And oh,  what a backyard we have.  The world comes to us,  we don’t have to leave the comfort of home in order to experience what others save a lifetime to see.   Their dream trip is our walk in the park on a lazy afternoon. 





You never know what you are going to see in Union Square, probably why it is one of my favorite places.   Everything and anything happens or has happened there.  With an important cultural history and the potential of creating future history,  Union Square is everything that makes New York….New York.





So,  where ever you live,  where ever you work,  take the time to be a tourist for a moment.   Listen to the music and rhythm of those surrounding you.  Fall into the buzz and breathe it in.  If you are a NYer,  this is your city,  don’t let the tourists have all the fun!



  1. I love this philosophy of acting like a tourist of only for a moment. I try to do this even in my own city and it’s amazing what you notice. I also like reading books from cities to discover things I may not have otherwise – New York is for me such a place of literary discovery – from Willy Fog on his journey around the world and for The Great Gatsby and Henry James. Great post!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Your commentary is a great reminder in being mindful and the pictures tell such a great story. Thanks!

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