the dizzying day that was yesterday


You can already feel the change coming,  skies are greying, the dull is coming back.  Another freeze another storm,  rinse and repeat.

This winter has been a tough one for most NYers.  We mumble, grumble, kvetch and moan as we slosh, schlepp, climb, trudge, slip and slide our way through daily life with the singular hope that spring is coming.  I suppose in a way it has been extremely uniting.  It brings us all together in common misery.  It has even lowered crime rates!  




Yesterday was such a tease, t-shirt weather.  Time for shorts,  shades and the first kiss of open air to hit skin in months, sensations all amped up.  The colors brighter and more saturated, the smells always sweeter carried on a soft warm breeze.   The sounds richer, full of life and promise. 




But in the end it was just a temporary temptation,  a tease, a piece of confusion with a dose of frustration and a possible inkling of hope.



So I will leave you with a happy face smile in the knowledge Spring is finally coming, I mean it has to at some point, right?  I also leave you with the hope that we can outlast this final burst of winter madness.



  1. It’s been a roller-coaster season for sure. But this weather junky loves it. Lived in CA for quite awhile and the thing I missed most was weather change.

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