winter, schminter, boy do I hate winter…



Maybe someone has the right idea and they are dreaming of lounging on a beach somewhere after their business sells.  Today was brutal,  bitterly cold with an unrelenting, chill to the bone wind.  And as if that wasn’t enough,  it was sunny, bright and clear almost as if nature was taunting us through dirty weatherworn windows with rays of sharp light,  daring us to venture out.  Daring us to try to escape the relentless world of grey this never-ending winter has become.  It all has to be a joke, right?  








Yeah,  I think this says it all.. ptooooeeeeyyyyyyy.  




So I will be sulking in the corner,  dreaming of a rebirth someplace warm and sunny.  But don’t expect that any of this will keep me from complaining in July when the heat is on us and the city turns into the summer soup of humanity.



  1. Great city shots. Loved your commentary, especially about retaining your right to complain when it gets too hot in July. It was biting cold today here in CT, too.

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