march macaron madness


Macarons–good ones are a revelation,  bad ones a major disappointment.  Patience, years of practice and years of failure go into perfecting the proper French Macaron.  Many boast but few come close to achieving the “perfect” macaron.  Of those that do boast, several have organized to give us the National Macaron Day in NYC now in its 5th year.  Today was that day .

So after printing out a list of participants and a map to help us navigate the always confusing Village, the son and I headed out in search of the perfect FREE  macaron.  The son fancies himself a pretty decent macaron maker and was very excited to try those that are constantly rated some of the best in the city.  


Macaron Cafe gave us the ones with the biggest burst of flavor. My Passionfruit was the perfect combination of cookie and  burst of fresh, tart passionfruit.



The macaron man himself,  François Payard who had several different establishments on today’s macaron crawl.  His coffee flavored at the Columbus Circle location was voted the son’s favorite hands down of the nine different we tried today.


Chef Payard heading out on his Ducati…  macarons bring in the bucks.




In honor of today being The World Day of Happiness…  BE HAPPY oh and eat macarons.



  1. Wonderful way to spend a day. And thanks for sharing. I’ve seen several stories about these on TV – where they are always pronounced “macaroon” – and never been able to figure out why they look so different from what we called macaroons when I was growing up (a cookie of egg whites and coconut). At least now I know the spelling is different! Bet they’re delicious!

    1. Deborah –

      Yes, they are totally different. I like a good macaroon also even the ones that come out of the manischewitz can 😉

      You should definitely try a macaron sometime! The cookie part is a mixture of almond flour and eggwhite and if done correctly is melt in your mouth and the perfect crisp/chewy bite all at once. (It really is hard to explain) the filling can vary from fruit compotes/jellies to buttercreams.

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