a trip down the lane … just to the left of center

Another in the trip down the lane series.  This edition is dedicated to those who march to their own beat, whether it be for a job or just personal style.  And of course,  here we go with the “you never know what you are going to see in nyc” mantra once again.. I did warn you about that one though.



Style is very subjective.  It can be about function or in other cases about living in a world closer to the innocence of childhood.



And then there are those times when you really don’t want to know the answer to why because it might spoil the stories you create in your own imagination.  I had so many stories running through my mind about why anyone would find themselves in the middle of Union Square in a cow costume.  The reality was much more mundane than all the adventures of Super Cow the Avenger I had begun to piece together.  He is hoping his company CaterCow takes off and is willing to do about anything to get people’s attention. Union Square, the perfect place to suit up and moo!


Naked Cowboy you say?  Lately Times Square is over run with costume characters and others begging for money and their micro second of fame.  Although when you think about it,  Mr. Indian Chief here is probably in a whole lot of phones and family albums all over the world.



Today I leave you with the Jester.  Riding to parts unknown on the 6 train.  I think I will stick with my own stories on this one,  I don’t want to know the actuality.  


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