spring sprung and it’s the bee’s knees

For the last few weeks it has been all about the NYC.  From people to parades, from eggs to street art the city always has a gift to give. But now I am back in Santa Fe and while it is a city it is no NYC (that is a good thing, btw).  Spring is here and my world is in bloom.  Today I visited  a couple of my favorite trees.  

Honey bees are everywhere buzzing away,  I can’t wait to enjoy the fruits of their labor.




For the last couple of years a late frost has decimated the local apple, apricot and peach crops.  Fingers crossed that all these blossoms become fruit.



So this is the first in a new category,  New Mexico.  Many more to come but if you are stuck on NY don’t fret.  Still so much left to see and do 🙂




  1. Glorious spring! Love your NYC city and candid shots, but I’m more of a country gal, so always look forward to NM, too. There’s plenty of character and characters in both places!

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