eighty-eight days…

“Yes,  I think that is my longest ticket ever,” eight-eight days.. I spell it out because it just seems longer that way,  the words fit the length of time.  The Parking Attendant was astonished and we both gulped at the $6 per day charge holding my car hostage at the airport parking lot.  

Since we decided several years ago to live a life in two places at once,  this was the longest spent in only one place.   Originally supposed to only be a couple of weeks,  the universe intervened and eighty-eight days later I am back in New Mexico.

Finally back a week before May,  spring slipping past quickly heading into summer.  But spring in the mountains is a tricky thing,  it tends to take its time.   The view from my bedroom window yesterday morning, a clear sign of its fickle nature.


This is also an opportunity to introduce Shaggy Peak to my blog.  Shaggy is my friend.  Shaggy greets me when I rise in the morning and is often the last sight I see when the sun sets.  A small peak of solid granite it helps to mark the border where the Rocky Mountains slide and tumble into the desert of New Mexico.  


I tried to get close once,  harder than it seems.  One day though I will tackle the climb.



Shaggy has been my friend and companion it has also been the backdrop for terror.  Fire is our real threat here in New Mexico and recent years have been especially hard for those of us who live in the trees.


Shaggy has also given me color, including this new year’s eve sunrise from a couple of years ago.


Shaggy at its best is often in the middle of turmoil and change, storms roll of her back into the valleys below.



Not to say there isn’t also beauty to be found in a quiet cloudless sunset.  The ravens circling in the dimming light, coming down to roost in the pines below.

If you have made it this far with me,  I will leave you here with this next shot.  Obviously my favorite Shaggy Capture up until this point,  but who knows what tomorrow will bring


Eighty-eight days without Shaggy,  way too many in a row…



  1. Gorgeous land, beautifully captured. That’s about the best rainbow shot I’ve ever seen! I don’t know how you manage living in two places – kudos! I find it harder and harder to travel from CT to WA 4 times a year for what are nominally vacations. The arrangements and prep just seem to get harder and harder.

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