a little scott joplin…

A small neighborhood gathering with really good music, free food and beer thrown in and a chance encounter with a Rock Star.  That is how I spent a day this holiday weekend. 

The Event: the annual Scott Joplin Concert and BBQ at St. Michaels Cemetery in East Elmhurst, Queens.

 The Band: The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra.

The Rock Star:  that part comes later and down below.



Local Queens Council Member, Costa Constantinides chatting up the press before the start of the show.


The line for the BBQ (hamburgers and hotdogs).





Yup,  that’s him…..




Rock Stars eat hotdogs, at least Ric Ocasek does.  


And yes,  that is his wife, Paulina Porizkova.  

The orchestra was brilliant and the skies held off just long enough,

The view from Astoria Blvd on the way home.


Just in the knick of time.

So, next time then…




  1. St Michael’s page says Astoria :>) Nice set of shots and glad you made it home before the rain – I stayed for the procession to the grave site where they played Maple Leaf Rag – will post some shots soon — busy weekend – oh yeah I got soaked because my wife needed the car but it was so worth it!!!

  2. BTW – I spoke to him on the way up to the grave site and it was his son that told him about the event – he is a musician and big fan of ragtime’s unique musical structures. Told him that I hoped to see them there next year – really cool laid back guy…..

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