the amusements…

Time to introduce the blog to another one of my series,  The Astoria Amusements.  

Queens is the largest borough in NYC and has the second highest population.  Many communities in Queens have their own distinct flavor, history and culture.  Astoria is no exception.  Always known for a large Greek population in recent years the area has grown to include groups from all over the world.  Steinway Street truly is Main Street U.S.A.  or at least the one envisioned in the Great American Experiment, a mixture of peoples from every corner of the globe.  

Along Steinway and a few other area streets are a remnant from the past still hanging on.  What American kid doesn’t remember the kiddie rides that used to line the area around the front of grocery stores and other retail establishments?  While they can still be found, their numbers have dwindled drastically over the years.  

A picture of Astoria through these “amusements” shows us the past, the present and a real window into the future.  



To catch up on past additions to this series : 

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I would encourage anyone coming to NYC to take the time to get out of Manhattan.  Take the R train to Broadway/Steinway or take the N/Q train to 30th or Astoria Blvd.  Astoria deserves to be explored.  Come with an empty stomach as the diversity of exciting food choices can’t be beat anywhere else in the city.  It will also show you how “real” nyers live.  A neighborhood with a heart and an identity of its own. 

So, next time then…



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