the random files – peace process

Street art can be about nothing in particular or it can pay homage to a cultural icon or idea.  For many the very reason to put it out on the street is the message,  reaching the masses, creating change.  It is not by accident that street art and politics intersected in a huge way with Shepherd Fairey’s iconic rendering of Barack Obama.  

One of the common themes: Peace

That elusive belief that humans will someday overcome their biological need to be on top and learn to live harmoniously.   Personally I think as long as the method of creating peace involves using death on any level it is just a pipe dream.  But I have to give credit to the people out there with a voice, or a brush.. or a spray can who will continue to fight for peace. (see,  there it is in a nutshell, we say “fight” for peace…)


One of those artists is Case of the Ma’Claim Crew from Germany.  His hands raised in the universal gesture have been found on walls all over the world, including outside of the Ministry of the Interior in Cairo.








Commercial fashion statement?  Or true dream,  who knows.  

We lost one of the biggest voices in the dream this year.  Known on the street as JC2 or Army of One,  Jeff Campion saw the worst and still dreamed of peace.  I hope he has found his now.


So, next time then…


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  1. Fabulous series – peace is indeed elusive. Sometimes I feel like we’re moving backward. Love your comment on fighting for peace.

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