who’s your daddy

summer’s last gasp…

That fake period of time known as “summer”  (memorial day to labor day) has once again come to an end.  Why do I say fake, well the weather in NYC today says it all.  Real Summer has much more in store and wearing white wouldn’t be the worst sin the next few weeks.

Fake summer and all out of the way.  How to celebrate the end?  a NYC tradition, a street fair!

Yesterday (labor day) 30th Avenue in Astoria set the stage for that last gasp, last bit of fun.  One more memory to tuck into a corner before school, work, grey, rain, wind and eventually ice, snow and sludge creep in.  I conveniently left out that wonderful crisp autumn stuff because it seems to only stick around for a day or two… never quite enough.

What to expect from a NYC street fair?  Well, there are a few certains and many surprises.


Who’s your daddy being one of the surprises…(for some I am sure this is a literal truth)


There will be dogs… that is one of the certains, there are always dogs,  in this case both real and fluffy.


There will be junk  * some one else’s treasures*



And crafts..if lucky sometimes the crafts actually elevate to the level of art.



Food,  food from everywhere for every taste.


The big winner in this line up,  the spinning meat.  I wasn’t the only one that stood mesmerized by the rotating tower of grilling meat.


And of course there are people, so many wonderful people out and about.




So, next time then…